About Us

We’re proud to be a small business. We’re proud we’re a family-run business. Inspired by our two dogs, and motivated thanks to our daughter, there is more to life than work, and that’s family.

We couldn’t be prouder to be a small family-run business

We are a small agency and with that we understand how small businesses (SMEs) work. We want to see clients we work with succeed, genuinely we do. We’re so confident in our ethical approach to everything we do, we would be happy for you to speak to our customers to find out more. 

At Digital Paw Marketing, we admire the hard work, and the valiant efforts that go into running that business each day. Nothing is more satisfying to us than helping the small and the brave become the strong and the mighty.

digital paw agency family run business

Why do our clients choose us?

We’ve thrived off word-of-mouth and that’s how we’ve grown and grown with clients. We truly take care of every client we have. We know they are putting their faith in us and we don’t disappoint. 

We put you, our customers at the heart of what we do. We know that our business wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our customers and so it’s important to us we keep them happy.

You come first always

We wouldn’t be here without you

Why did we set up Digital Paw?

Both Kris and Leena (us) have worked for companies over the years. It’s rewarding in that it gives a regular income, but there is so much more to life than work for us. Digital Paw was created as both of us wanted to help small businesses – no lie. Leena’s worked both in an agency and in-house doing marketing. She got the best feeling when she saw a small business grow, knowing she’d contributed to their success. Kris was an english teacher for secondary schools. He worked during the first lockdown for an education company but, unfortunately he caught Covid and suffered long-term. After a few months he finally recovered, his job no longer there, Kris wasn’t sure what to do. He wanted to be at home to see his daughter grow and had an incredible talent that Digital Paw needed. So he joined Leena and we’ve never looked back.

A background in education, now a SEO guru & social expert

Dad & gym enthusiast

Meet Kris – SEO guru and content writer

Once an English teacher, Kris gravitated towards the search engine optimisation (SEO) role which also includes social media management. His background in the English language has been an enormous advantage. He writes articles and blogs for customers which make a real impact to their SEO.

Kris’s largest accomplishment is getting a website up the ranking from position 73 to 8 in just 6 weeks. He knows what is needed to please Google, but also what topics are interesting to readers, to keep them engaged and wanting more.

Kris from Digital Paw Marketing Agency
Digital Paw marketing agency meet us

Meet Leena – Web designer and graphic designer

The website designer and marketing guru of Digital Paw Marketing Agency. Leena has worked for agencies in the past, and in-house doing marketing for financial and medical companies.

Her passion for marketing is clear from the moment you speak to her. She’s got nearing 20 years in marketing, has a degree in Business and Management, which focused on Marketing and Online Marketing. Leena has made huge differences in her other roles but wanted to set up a business which gave back to a cause she feels strongly about – dogs.

A passion for design & marketing

Mom &
Land Rover lover

Wild & chaotic pro

Food, food & cuddles

Meet Storm – our lurcher

Storm is a lurcher, and best friend to Leena. These two bonded at the Birmingham Dog’s Home rescue shelter in 2016. She was just 6 months old when she was adopted, but she’d already been returned to the dog’s home three times by this point. Why? Because she is a handful.

Storm loves to stretch her legs on the bed, sofa, across the floor by the stairs. These are her calm, docile moments which luckily for Leena, are most of the day. But when taken outside, once you let Storm off the lead, she can run like the wind and anything constitutes as food. Leena has learned to carry cheese cubes, dog treats, bacon or oranges (yes, Storm loves oranges!) to encourage Storm to return. It’s why Leena tends to find random treats in her pockets during meetings – which can be rather embarrassing.

Storm the Digital Paw lurcher
Trooper the Digital Paw family dog

Meet Trooper – Staffie X Labrador

Trooper is a staffordshire bull terrier cross with a labrador. He’s a soft gentle soul who could run for hours (complete opposite to Storm). Trooper joined the family in 2014 as a puppy. He was rescued from a puppy farm so wasn’t used to socialising with people. He’s come a long way and is wonderful outdoors. No need for a lead, he hasn’t got selective hearing!

Trooper is highly intelligent, knowing a few tricks and fetching. He wants nothing more but to fetch and run around like a lunatic. He still gets nervous around people, especially men but has all the love he needs at home to keep him happy for the rest of his days.

Super smart & cuddly

Walks, toys
and belly rubs