Content Writing

Content written for you to help your website improve on Google’s ranking. Improve your SEO

Content written by an English teacher

You really did read that right. We have an English teacher who writes content for our clients. When it comes to the master of the English language, we truly have the expertise.

Website content is a lot more than just a bit of text. While you can make your website look lovely (even with a template service like Wix) the words you use and the content you create can have a massive impact. Not only is your content for your potential clients, it also needs to appeal to Google and other search engines (known as SEO).

Content writing is a sophisticated process that can affect your business in all sorts of ways. As specialists, what we design for you will meet all of your needs to help you build a brilliant future for your business.

Don’t just believe us. Take a look at the examples of our work like Mental Health Midlands.

Written for you

Our content writing services will fill your site with Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content specially designed to help you in your digital marketing strategies. From explaining a bit about who you are and your journey, to blogs keeping clients and potential customers abreast of news in your field.

We know it can be hard to write suitable content for your website. Not everyone has the words or knowhow. We have over a decade of top-level digital marketing experience for SMEs so we understand your needs.

Powerful, bespoke content

Affordable prices, spread out to help your budget

Fill your website with custom content that helps your SEO

We offer Content Writing services for you and your small business. We plan and write content for your website. We are a small business ourselves with a tonne of marketing experience, so we know the value of high quality content for your website. We also keep our prices as low as possible as we know the struggles SMEs can face.

Educate, inform, build trust & convert

Make your business stand out

Get your website seen on Google with SEO

All content that we make is Search Engine Optimised to help to ensure that you and your business rank right. We constantly keep updated with what the giants like Google want to ensure that your site is the best it can be. Unlike other digital marketing companies we don’t charge you extra for ensuring that your site meets SEO standards. We believe that if we’re putting it on your site then it should be up to scratch. Period.

The difference we make

This is an example of the difference we can make in a short time. We truly understand SEO and by introducing a blog for a client, we’ve so far seen a 450% increase in pageviews in just 2 months. We’ve increased the average time of the page by 61%. The average search term on Google has increased by 30 positions. Some keywords are already on Page One.

Content writing for clients by Digital Paw example January 2021 to March 2021

Short Blogs
@ £99 monthly

What’s included:

  • 3 blogs monthly (up to 500 words per blog)
  • SEO driven
  • Royalty free image included per blog

most popular option

King of Blogs
@ £249 monthly

What’s included:

  • 3 long blogs monthly (up to 1,000 words per blog) which gives you a huge boost in SEO and more content to promote on your social media
  • 5 posts weekly social media management
  • SEO driven
  • Royalty free image included per blog
  • Upload to your website for you
  • Internal links added to improve SEO
  • Multiple images for blog

Long Blogs
@ £219 monthly

What’s included:

  • 2 short blogs monthly (up to 500 words per blog)
  • 2 long blogs monthly (up to 1,000 words per blog)
  • SEO driven
  • Royalty free image included per blog

Content writing reviews

All round, I’d recommend Digital Paw

“I had a website built by Digital Paw. I wanted some help with my Facebook posts and content as I just haven’t the time to commit to either of these. So far I’m genuinely impressed. The content is long, written superbly, and has got me some great engagement on my Facebook page. All round, I’d recommend Digital Paw”

Matthew – Transcend Coaching

The results are too good to miss out on

“Digital Paw manage my Facebook posts for me as I have a few other ventures so I forget to keep my page updated. I did promise to get them content for the website but lost the motivation throughout COVID lockdown. To my surprise, they’d written a few articles for me to see how it would perform on Facebook. The results are too good to miss out on so I’m getting more content written monthly.”

James Brennan – Mental Health Midlands

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I will get the best quality content?
We are a small business that works with our fellow SMEs, we pride ourselves on our bespoke and creative work. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort ensuring that you receive pertinent, interesting and well-written pieces that are well researched. Everything we write is prepared by our in-house content manager, who happens to be an ex-English teacher!

What we write for you reflects on us, as you can see, we take pride in the work we undertake for our clients. Don’t believe us? Check out this recent blog post for Mental Health West Midlands or this one for Transcend Coaching

Can you meet tight deadlines?
100%, we are dedicated to our clients and we absolutely never take on more than we can handle to allow us to be as responsible to the needs of businesses like yours. You never know when a major story will hit the news and you’ll need a blog post in response
What does the price include?

Everything needed to deliver you blindingly brilliant content! With research and drafting, a single post of 1000+ words (the optimum length to really get Google loving your page) will typically take 4-5 hours. Then a further hour to get it published online. The post will be readability checked (how easy to follow is it) and SEO checked too!. Choose the right plan, and we’ll even be able to use social media to really drive traffic to your posts!

Our work with one of our clients lead to 50% of all traffic to their website being to the blogs and a significantly reduced bounce rate (the number of people seeing the site and quickly leaving – we actually have a our own post about that!)

Could I have a free trial?
We are happy to write a short piece of up to 400 words for you to get a sample of our work! We know it can feel like a step into the unknown. Tell us some topics that may interest you and your business, and our content genius will get cracking writing something that will show exactly what we can do.
When will I pay for the content writing?
Due to the nature of the work, payment is required up front at the beginning of each month. Naturally, we can arrange exactly how many posts you get each month in order to manage costs for you!
Do I own the content, and can I modify it at all?

Absolutely! As with our website design, we don’t believe in holding our fellow SMEs to ransom. You’re buying a service from us, not renting it. And if you’re worried about updating it yourself, we’ll always be on hand to help out!

Is there a minimum contract length?
Our contracts are a minimum of 3 months. This gives us the best chance to prove the difference we can make. In just two months our clients see a noticeable increase in pageviews and search rankings.
It can take up to 2.5 months to see a difference while Google builds up data to see if it can trust you. But we always see results.